Marriages are under stress like never before, and your marriage climate is dictated by behavior, not by picture-perfect ideals.

Are you curious? An intensive experience is one that provides a safe place to discover the root of your issues with the help of trained professional counselors. More specifically, a marriage “intensive” is a focused period of counseling with both individuals that takes place over three to five days, where a licensed counselor is able to help you identify the source(s) of your relational issues. This is intentional and specialized help for very real circumstances, not an R&R retreat.

This type of specialized counseling care goes deeper than most other forms of mental health counseling or retreat, and beyond what a medical doctor can offer. Our therapists are trained professionals in this area of an intensive approach and are prepared to meet you where you are.

Weekly counseling sessions can be effective, but have their drawbacks, with interruptions in progress and the need to backtrack each week. An “intensive” provides the luxury of uninterrupted time, which allows our counselors to help you make the progress you want. It’s like wrapping up two month’s worth of counseling sessions in a short period!

A marriage intensive with us is a time to grow deeper in your relationship, explore, and discover deeper levels of understanding. To see what this could look like for you, simply use the contact form here.

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About the Kings

Dr. Tim King and his wife Stacy have successfully navigated married life for more than 30 years. Dr. Tim King was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and has spent over 25 years counseling and coaching people. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as well as a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling, and soon after became a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor. He earned his Doctorate (Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling) from Liberty University in 2014. He has also completed additional graduate coursework from the University of Akron and Kent State University and has extensive training in marriage and family, conflict resolution, addictions, parenting, life coaching, and grief issues. He is passionate about healthy marriages and parent-child relationships. His easy-going, love-of-outdoors relational style helps put patients at ease during counseling sessions and intensives.

For over three decades, Stacy King has been the wife and best friend of Dr. Tim King. According to him, she is definitely the “better half!” Earning her PTA degree from Stark Technical College in 1986, Stacy set aside her career to be a stay-at-home mom while their kids were young. She then returned to her career as a physical therapist, helping many patients overcome physical pain, challenges, and barriers. 

Over the years, Stacy has had the opportunity to help so many wives navigate through difficult times in their marriages. Her natural heart for helping women and healing broken relationships shows in the way she interacts with others. She is a certified biblical counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors and has accumulated a great deal of wisdom to offer women who are experiencing the motherhood stage of life as well. The wives who have attended a marriage intensive say that Stacy’s wisdom is priceless. Her endearing nature and sense of humor are a welcome addition to marriage intensives, but an underlying heart for people is what sets her apart.

Together, Tim and Stacy King are equipped to help those whose marriage relationships are struggling or less than ideal. Through a marriage intensive, their insights, perspective, and faith can help to illuminate the dark corners of a troubled relationship.

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