Our mission is motivating people to become the best version of self by teaching principled truths in creative and relevant ways. 

We lead you to higher levels of success, through developing a more healthy you mentally/emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally.

We help you:

  • Validate your true identity and value as a human being
  • Educate you with truths
  • Help you heal from fractured relationships and past hurts
  • Clarify your talents, dreams, and goals
  • Offer a time management system that works for you

We are experts at providing resources to help you achieve these goals, as well as offering encouragement during turbulent times, the motivation to be persistent, and accountability throughout the process. We are here to assist you as you work to implement your plan to reach your dreams and goals. Your overall mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational health is our focus as we work to serve you throughout the entire life-coaching process.

We believe in the value of all human life and that there are principles of truth for living that maximize our success if we learn them and apply them to our personal lives.

Corporate Culture & Coaching

Workplace research has proven that having healthy employees will equate to a healthy business and a healthier bottom line. Dr. Tim King is a coveted, world-renown consultant specializing in hands-on sessions and corporate coaching inside of leading companies. 

With a focus on turning around toxic atmospheres, increasing high-performers, and cultivating cultural improvements, Dr. Tim has years of experience that can be tailored and focused to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Healthy Marriage Coaching

After helping hundreds of couples restore and heal their struggling marriages and being married for over 30 years himself, Dr. Tim has developed and applied a unique set of principals as well as an accompanying playbook that not only make a marriage work, but make a marriage thrive.

Dr. Tim hosts weekend marriage retreats all over the country and is also available to do video conferences or in-person marriage coaching that really makes a difference, by breathing new life into the relationship you once had – and can have again!

Love & Limits Parenting Coaching

Parenting just may be the most rewarding and difficult job one will ever embark upon. Every child is unique and every family is different — and parenting was never meant to be an easy endeavor. Just as anything worth doing requires effort and perseverance, so goes parenting children. But with that effort comes the reward as well.

There are no simple 1-2-3 answers for raising children in this culture. But Dr. Tim has tried and true principles and emotional guidelines that can improve your home life and drastically change the trajectory of your children’s lives.

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