Workplace research has proven that healthy employees equate to a healthy business and a larger bottom line.

Stress-related problems in the life of employees cost employers an estimated $225 billion per year in mental, emotional, and stress-related medical diagnoses for their employees according to

Dr. Tim King has the skillset and experience necessary to customize a playbook for your top executives and their teams that allows them to live a healthy life while increasing your organization’s productivity and profitability.

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Empower Your Team. Build Your Culture.

Your culture is dictated by behavior, not posters on the wall. Often times, leaders simply don’t have a playbook in order to know how to build and maintain a healthy culture. 

With Dr. Tim’s proven workshops and coaching, you and your employees will learn how to interact and build strong relationships that allow for a healthy culture to be fostered and grown. Get started today, contact Dr. Tim now.